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Wing wallet - Sun, Moon & the Stars

Wing wallet - Sun, Moon & the Stars

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Sun, moon and the stars

Never put this much work into a wallet (about 15hrs to be exact), designing the decorations, cutting them all, cutting the wallet in 5 pieces because I didn't have any lap big enough for the base layer

(except my brown chrome tan skin but I wanted/needed more color for this wallet so I had to manage with the scraps I had lying around)

14 pieces of handcut leather

480 holes punched

237 stitches

8 different (color) leathers

5 different color polyester threads

Cut by hand

Holes punched by hand

Stitched by hand

Stitched in a white polyester thread

Holds up to 4x2 cards in the front pockets

And up two 2x6 cards in the back

And some folded cash

100% hand-made by The Singing Leatherworker (me)

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